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2021 OVAL Exhibitions

OVAL Gallery @ Citi-Center
230 Second Street, Henderson, KY

January 13 to March 11 Landscape, Nature, and Imagination” featuring the works of Terry Rone


March 17 to May 14 – “Color Pop 3.0” (OPEN TO ARTISTS PARTICIPATION)


May 18 to July 15 – “Rooted in Blooms” featuring the works of Chelsea England                         


July 20 to September 17 – “Moments in Life(OPEN TO ARTISTS PARTICIPATION)                              


September 22 to November 19 – “Art Squared(OPEN TO ARTISTS PARTICIPATION)


November 23 to January 14 – “All My Heroes are Womenfeaturing the works of Tommy Houseman



Preston Arts Center Gallery
2660 S. Green Street, Henderson, KY

October 9 to November 27 – 2021Kentucky National Wildlife Art Exhibition” (OPEN TO ARTISTS PARTICIPATION)



Dick and Sheila Beaven Gallery
Henderson County Public Library, 101 S. Main Street, Henderson, KY

January 17 to March 17 – “Blissful Transcendence featuring the works of Lyndsi Deer and Beata Marczak


March 23 to May 19 – “Motion” (OPEN TO ARTISTS PARTICIPATION)


May 25 to July 21 – “Collage and Effect” (OPEN TO ARTISTS PARTICIPATION)


July 27 to September 22 – “…And Justice for Allfeaturing the works of Wendy Turner


September 28 to November 17 – “Just Me” (OPEN TO ARTISTS PARTICIPATION)


November 30 to January 26 – “Clay and Paper” featuring the works of David and Barbara Rodenberg





March 7 to March 27 – “The Art of Well-Being”

sponsored by and displayed at Henderson First United Methodist Church


May 14 to August 1 – “A Fresh Perspective”

sponsored by Henderson Society of Art, John James Audubon Museum, and OVAL | Displayed at John James Audubon Museum