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Board of Directors

OVAL Board

Members of the Ohio Valley Art League are invited to attend the regular monthly meeting of the OVAL Board of Directors. This meeting is held at the UK Extension Office on the second Wednesday of the month at 5:30 pm.

Members of the board serve three-year terms and are active members of their respective tri-state communities. The current board members are as follows:

OVAL Board


Dennis Moran, President

Katy Ray, Vice President

Tom Williams, Treasurer

Beth Wright, Secretary

Board Members

Alex Caudill

Christy Collier

Martha Ridley Dempewolf

Janice Greene

Dana Harvey

Donna Hatfield Crafton

Kate Krause

Sarah Laramie

Debbie McCollom

David Rodenberg

Theo Williamson

Jordyn Myracle, Executive Director/Curator