2021 OVAL Presenting Sponsors

Art inspires and sparks creativity in all aspects of life. OVAL is very grateful to the individuals, businesses, corporations, organizations, and foundations that support our mission with generous donations and memberships throughout the year.

“Hazex is so proud to sponsor OVAL to help keep the arts alive in Henderson! Everything OVAL does is unique and so much fun. OVAL has many different events over the course of a typical year that cater to so many different people. One of my favorites is the Valentines Day Dinner & Canvas Date Night. My husband and I had so much fun doing something we don’t typically do. Whether you’re an art aficionado or not, you will find something to bring you joy in OVAL.”
-Brittany Hazelwood Scott, Hazex President

The Kentucky Arts Council is the state arts agency and is responsible for developing and promoting support for the arts in Kentucky. Strategically placed in the Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet, the Kentucky Arts Council is publicly funded by the Kentucky General Assembly and the National Endowment for the Arts, an independent agency of the federal government. The mission of the Kentucky Arts Council is to foster environments for the people of Kentucky to value, participate in, and benefit from the arts.

Berry Global values strong, sustainable partnerships within our communities. Our values of Partnership, Excellence, Growth, and Safety for our employees around the globe are the foundation to our past and future success. It is with you, the Tristate area, we call home. Partners like OVAL allow us to support the interests of current and future employees in our local area. Berry Global – Always advancing to protect what’s important.

“Art is everywhere – everything we see in life, from the walls of your house, to the design of your car, to the colors and shapes of traffic signs, to the packaging on the products and foods we consume every day. Henderson native and renowned artist Kim Luttrell likes to point out that an artist’s creativity is behind it all.  The visual arts are a celebration of this creative expression. Art is a fundamental component of the human experience, and reflects the world in which we all live, work, and breathe.  At its very essence, visual art is communication. Curt Hamilton Injury Law is very proud to support OVAL and its mission to celebrate the arts in our community.”
-Curt Hamilton, Curt Hamilton Injury Law

“We support OVAL, knowing that the arts are an important part of a vibrant and welcoming community. Art experiences are especially important for young people because education in the arts translates to all professions. It is our hope that being involved with OVAL will help make Henderson an even better place to come home to.” -Charlie & Debbie McCollom

“The arts have always played an important part of our lives. Instilling a love for the arts was started with our girls at a very early age. In our travels it is important for us to visit not only the renowned art galleries of a city or region, but also those small community galleries. They tell us a lot about an areas value of individual well-being and its interest in sparking creativity and innovation. Local arts organizations such as OVAL strengthen the health of a community and enrich us culturally and are a catalyst for creative inspiration.” -Dennis & Beth Moran

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